Advocacy, Education, Support and Scholarships for Children With Special Needs in Our Community.


PAUSE4kids was formed in September 1999, by Keri Bowers, a parent of an autistic son. Eight parents came to P4k's first meeting. Today, P4k serves hundreds of families in the Ventura County area. Our goal is to "fill the gaps" by helping to provide whatever is needed for our children with special needs that is not now readily available. Please read more about us here.


PAUSE4kids provides scholarship or grant funding for programs or services for children with special needs. The Board of Directors reviews applications submitted by individual parents on behalf of their child. Due to limited funding, the maximum scholarship we can provide is $500 per child per year. For further information please see our scholarship page.

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PAUSE4kids congratulates our Founder, Keri Bowers, recipient of a 2011 Ventura County Autism Society Awesome in Autism Award!